Yoshi's Safari SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1993) Brand New Sealed

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Yoshi's Safari (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1993)

Extremely rare find! Still factory sealed with vertical seam. Great shape, but please pass on this piece if you're expecting perfection.


Product Information

A radical departure from Super Mario World (which featured the first appearance of Yoshi), Yoshi's Safari is a Super Scope 6 game viewed from a Super Mario Kart-like perspective. Perched aboard the delightful dinosaur, players aim the gargantuan gun at the screen, firing away at Koopa, Bowser and other Mario enemies. If Yoshi is hit with friendly fire, he will turn around and give the player a dirty look, exemplifying the cute, kid-friendly nature of this game. The action is linear, the game is short and easy to beat, and the background music is delightful, further defining this as a juvenile title. The pseudo 3D graphics are very impressive (the game looks even better than the "real" Mario games), but the shooting sounds can get annoying. The best thing about the game is a special two-player mode, which lets one gamer guide Yoshi (who runs and jump over gaps) while the other player uses the Scope. <!--Book-->